MinervaHubis the group born from the merger of XPP Seven and Ambria Holding, two entrepreneurial realities that have aggregated some of the best companies in the sector in recent years.

On June 1, 2022, the merger by incorporation of the company Ambria Holding S.r.l with Chairman Matteo Marzotto took place, in the company XPP Seven S.p.A. with President Gianfranco Piras, MinervaHub S.p.A. is born. The Holding is controlled by the XENON International Private Equity Fund, CEO Franco Prestigiacomo.

The new group currently has over 130 million euros in revenues, a portfolio of about 1000 customers and more than 500 direct employees, numbers that derive from the activity ofCentrorettili (Pisa), Galvanica Formelli (Arezzo), Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani (Macerata), Jato 1991 (Bologna), Koverlux (Bergamo), Oroplac (Firenze),Quake (Vicenza), Sp Plast Creating (Fermo), Zeta Catene (Arezzo) and Zuma Pelli Pregiate (Pisa).

Matteo Marzotto

Chairman of the MinervaHub Board of Directors.

Matteo Marzotto (1966) has been President of MinervaHub since June 2022, a new industrial reality in the fashion sector specialized in finishes and materials for luxury products, born from the merger of the companies Ambria Holding (a new initiative in the sector of components of the luxury brands of which he was President since November 2020) and XPP Seven, and President of FAS International since November 2019, European leader in the design and production of integrated systems for vending and automatic distribution.

As an entrepreneur for over 30 years active in the wide fashion chain, from textiles to jewelry, both in the context of family interests and independently. Some of the significant experiences concern numerous operational roles in the Marzotto Group, the General Management and the subsequent Presidency of Valentino, the acquisition and relaunch of Vionnet, the presidency of Dondup.

As Civil Servant he is co-founder and President of the Foundation for Research on Cystic Fibrosis, he is a member of the General Council and of the Scientific Committee of New Horizons AIPDF – Private International Association of Faithful of Pontifical Right.
He was President of Fiera di Vicenza and promoter of the birth of IEG-Italian Exhibition Group of which he was Executive Vice President.
He chaired the CUOA-University Center for Business Organization; he was also President of the Gaetano Marzotto Innovation Award and President and Commissioner of Enit-Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo.
He is an investor in numerous industrial and service companies.
He sits on various boards of directors, including Alcedo SGR, Morellato, 1000Miglia, the Festival dei Due Mondi Foundation in Spoleto and the Marzotto-Ente Morale Foundation.
He has been awarded numerous awards for his socio-economic activities.


Chief Executive Officer of MinervaHub and Member of the Board of Directors.

Marco Casoni was born in Rome in 1960.
Over the years he gained numerous work experiences in the fashion field starting from the men’s division of GFT (1991 and 1992), in the Fendi Group (1992-1997) in which he is a member of the board of directors, in Calvin Klein Europe (1998) , for Laltramoda (1997-2005) where he deals with the definition of the strategic plan, in Valentino (2001-2008) where he is responsible for the strategic plan for the accessories division, for the Marzotto group (2007-today) as a consultant for the strategic development of a branch of the family, in Battistoni (2015) as advisor for the acquisition operation, in Clessidra – private equity (2008 – 2013) as specialized consultant for fashion investments: eg. Cavalli, Brioni and Peuterey, for Ciwifurs (1997 – 2014) as head of the strategic business plan and in Marni (1997-2013) for the definition of the strategic plan for the start up.

Between 2008 and 2013 he was Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Vionnet, from 2016 to December 2018 he was Chief Executive Officer of Dondup and from 2020 to 2022 he was Chief Executive Officer of the Ambria Group, from whose merger with the XPP Seven Group was born in 2022 MinervaHub.

He is currently Chief Executive Officer and member of the Executive Committee of MinervaHub.

C.E.O and C.O.O.

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer MinervaHub

Giuseppe Cerea was born in Italy on April 10, 1976.
After graduating as an industrial technical expert in 1994, he began working as a technician in the Tulio Giusi S.p.A. company. of Grumello del Monte (BG), a Bergamo manufacturing company operating in the laser sector.

In 2001, after having gained some years of experience in the sector, he decides to undertake a new professional path by starting his own business in the laser sector and thus establishing, with his brother Luca, the Laser Center. In a few years the company grows to the point of becoming the largest marking center in Europe with more than one hundred systems installed. In the following years he will introduce other coating activities in the company always related to the fashion sector.
From the date of its foundation he has held the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, managing the strategic aspects with a view to the constant growth of the Company.
He was a member of the Made Black Company from 2012 to 2016.

In 2017, together with his brother Luca, he sold 55% of his company to the B4 Investimenti SGR S.p.A. fund, of which he is now also part of the steering committee. The sale allowed the Company to expand its activities as well as the services provided to its customers.
In 2019 he sold the shares of the Company, which in the meantime became Koverlux S.r.l., to XPP Seven, a company of the private equity fund Xenon, becoming its shareholder and member of the board of directors.

With the merger that took place in 2022 between XPP Seven and Ambria Holding, and the consequent creation of the MinervaHub Group, of which Koverlux is now a part, he retires the position of CEO of Koverlux, while remaining on the Board of Directors, and acquires the position of CEO and COO of MinervaHub.


Chief Financial Officer MinervaHub

After graduating in Economics and Commerce from the Catholic University of Milan, he joined Arthur Andersen in 1994 from where he left in 1998 to take care of the consolidated financial statements of the Valentino Group then newly acquired by HDP.

CFO of Cerruti 1881 until 2004, the year in which he became CEO of Baleri Italia, a new entrepreneurial venture in the world of family design.
Since 2008 he has returned to the world of fashion as CFO of Piazza Sempione, a company of the L Capital fund, sponsored by LVMH, specializing in the distribution of high-end clothing in American department stores.
In 2016 he joined Koverlux at the dawn of the partnership of the Cerea brothers with the B4 Investimenti fund, actively participating in the successful growth project of the company.

In January 2020 he joined XPP Seven with the role of Chief Financial Officer of the Group dealing with the management of the Finance, Administration and Control function to support the growth of the Group’s companies. He currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer of the MinervaHub group.