The ethical and social responsibility of the Group is inspired by principles of correctness and integrity, offering services with a high technical content without neglecting the attention towards each partner of the Group.

The MinervaHub Group’s commitment to sustainable development

The growing regulatory pressures and a market increasingly attentive to ethical, social and environmental impacts have prompted companies to revolutionize their production model from a sustainable perspective.
The Fashion & Luxury, to which Gruppo MinervaHub belongs, is one of the first and main sectors to have embarked on a collective path towards a more sustainable model.
In this context, we have decided to embark on an ambitious evolution path towards an increasingly sustainable business model, defining and formalizing a detailed multi-year action plan that will lead the Group to align its processes and strategy with the best practices of Corporate sustainability, in line with the increasingly demanding expectations of our stakeholders.

The control of the supply chain of raw materials, the responsible production processes and the use of renewable environmental resources are elements on which we have chosen to focus in order to contribute, together with the supply chain and the big fashion brands, to the transition towards a responsible production system .

As confirmation of its commitment to sustainability, the Group has:

  • drafted an Environmental, Social and Governance Masterplan, which contains the main steps towards the creation of sustainable fashion, which promotes the culture of sustainability and acts as an accelerator for the various lines of development identified;
  • started the preparation of the Sustainability Report, within which to report the main performances of the Group in the ESG area.

The ESG Masterplan of the MinervaHub Group

The actions identified in the ESG Masterplan are the result of an analysis of the main needs and expectations of the sector Fashion & Luxury in the field of Sustainability, following the analysis of the strategies of the main players in the sector and the requirements of the main fashion “manifestos”, among including the Fashion Pact, the Global Fashion Agenda and Fashion on Climate.

The declination of the ESG Masterplan also took into consideration the main requests and expectations of the MinervaHub Group’s customers, represented by large international Fashion & Luxury groups, who are in turn activating important Sustainability strategies.

The preparatory analysis for the development of the ESG Masterplan identified six main thematic areas on which the MinervaHub Group has planned its intervention over the next three years, in order to align itself with international best practices in the sector and establish itself as an excellence in sustainable production for the Fashion & Luxury sector.

The Sustainability Report of the MinervaHub Group

A key element of the MinervaHub Group’s commitment to sustainability is ESG reporting, considered essential to embark on an aware path and to provide structured disclosure of its objectives and achievements.

Diversity & Inclusion policy

The Diversity and Inclusion Policy formalises the MinervaHub Group’s commitment to “D&I” with the main objective of outlining the principles and guidelines common to the entire Group on diversity issues, inclusion and equal opportunities.

Animal Welfare Policy

The Animal Welfare Policy formalizes the commitment of the MinervaHub Group in the field of animal welfare protection along the entire value chain, with the aim of outlining the principles and guidelines common to the entire Group on Animal Welfare issues.

Chemical Management Policy

It formalises the commitment of the MinervaHub Group, and therefore of all the companies that are part of it, in the field of Chemical Management in order to outline the principles and guidelines common to the entire group on chemical risk reduction issues.

Charter of Supply Chain Sustainability Values

The MinervaHub Group, aware of the importance of the commitments undertaken towards the market and towards the regulations in force, in order to share and communicate its values ​​and principles of sustainability has drawn up the Charter of Values ​​of Sustainability of the supply chain intended for the production chain of all companies of the Group, in order to direct all corporate activities.